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North Bayswater Weather

Observation at 22:54 - Night time and the Air Warm, Light air from the East, Temperature Falling Slowly, Barometer Rising Slowly
Temperature and Humidity
Temperature Humidity
Apparent (feels like) Temperature Dew Point
Inside TemperatureInside Humidity
Inside Apparent Temperature
Rain Since 9am today 24-hrs to 9am today
Rainfall Rate Last Recorded Rain
Last Hour Rainfall for October
Since midnight Rainfall for 2016
Wind Speed (gust) Wind Speed (avg)
Wind Bearing Beaufort
Wind Run Today
Barometer CloudBase
Tomorrow there will be approximately 2min 10sec more daylight than today
12-hr Forecast12-Hour Forecast
Dawn: 05:51
Sunrise: 06:19
Moonrise: 03:28
Dusk: 20:14
Sunset: 19:46
Moonset: 14:33
Daylight: 14:23
Day Length: 13:27
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No ImageWaning Crescent
Forecast Posted at 22:54:
Local Fire Weather Index: LOW-MODERATELocal Fire Danger: LOW-MODERATE
Local FWI: 4.4
Local CBI: 9.0
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